Shotgun or chauffeur?

We’ve spoken a lot about the safety of women walking alone after the horrific murder of Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic, who was laid to rest today.

There was outrage after this interview with Victorian Homicide Detective Chief Mick Hughes who seemingly suggested that women shouldn’t be alone in parks. There were indignant online reactions on how females can avoid being killed or have “no one to blame but yourself”.

While this has sparked a safety conversation around walking home or in parks, what about the other aspects of our lives?



This year I learned about…

12 months ago today I sat down at my laptop and wrote about the delusion of New Year’s resolutions; how January 1st is not some magical day where we can automatically change our lives, because whatever we resolve to do, we already had the capacity to do so.

However what I didn’t approach was the mindset that the end of the year holds, and how it’s not just a time for pretending you have a completely new slate but also a time to reflect on the year that was.


Showing off their skills

Yesterday marked the start of a full week of open days, career expos and student showcases taking place across the country in aid of one larger event; it’s National Skills Week and SkillsOne and the Government are teaming up to advocate for vocational education and applied training.

The week is about getting involved by encouraging schools, TAFES and workplaces to register their own events and promote hands on learning for young and old.


This week I learned about unlikely motivators

Every so often I stop to think about how productive I’ve been in all the goals I set myself earlier in the year, and realise I haven’t been acting on them.

Even more often someone says or does something that actually prompts me to remember them, meaning I’ve forgotten to do them in the first place.

This week was one of those weeks.


This month I learned about taking things for granted

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been on hiatus for a month. But just because I haven’t written, doesn’t mean I haven’t learned. And the most pressing lesson I’ve learned in that time is not to take things for granted.

Or even more accurately, to be grateful for everything you have.


This week I learned about procrastination

For all of those times a blog has opened with the phrase “we’ve all done it”, procrastination is universally understood.

Whether it’s doing the housework, homework or starting a big work project, many of us have strategically avoided the task at hand. Often our avoidances can be monotonous to waste the time, such as going on Facebook or watching television, while other times they’re more ambitious, such as deep cleaning your entire house or my favourite from a friend at work, procrasti-baking.

This week a quote from Marthe Troly-Curtin (and arguable several others) popped up in my newsfeed, and as I procrastinated finding an idea for today’s blog by reading and playing video games, it struck a chord:

“Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.” 


This week I learned about ‘stuff’

In the past few weeks my partner and I have spoken a lot about moving out of our poor quality flat and into something a bit newer (and considerably less mouldy). With rental prices and area codes upping the price of several apartments we’ve looked at, a lot of the time our move would also involve downsizing from a two bedroom to a one bedroom flat. Despite deciding against the move, our search has taught us at least one valuable lesson.

We own a lot of crap.